How We Got Here

Hi there, moms! I’m glad to have you here whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re here all the time. I’m not sure what brought you here but here’s what brought me.

I hope to be helpful to other moms out there in some way, big or small. When I first became a mom, there was such a rush of new experiences, new information and new challenges that I spent a lot of time feeling overwhelmed, and at times alone, even though I had people around who love me, generously offering their help. It can be strangely difficult to accept help or know what kind you need. Often what I wanted was a solution to some new puzzle I was facing with my daughter. I found myself Googling a ton! I was always looking for the answer to one problem or another and hoping other moms out there had faced just exactly what I was facing and could share some insight. I didn’t always get what I needed as my searches became more and more specific to my child, so my hope is that through this blog I can provide moms with more ideas, suggestions, kindness, hope and strength by offering whatever experiences I have and opening the discussion.

So I will blather on about my own life, my own kids and do my best to offer advice along the way. Hopefully something I say or do will inspire at least one mom out there and give her the idea or encouragement she needs to turn her day around.

Perspective and mindset have been extremely important to the way I feel in a given day. It can be easy to get dragged down into the negatives and the doubts but they make the days so much harder. Finding the positives and the hope for solutions and better tomorrows are what make me feel lighter and ready for a new day. It is a choice I find I can usually make, to focus on the positives, but I don’t always make the right one at first. I’m always evolving and learning so my hope is to bring some fellow moms along for the ride and that we can all learn from each other.

Who I Am

I go by Myv, pronounced “Miv”, short for Myvanwy. I’m a mom of two girls – Madison and Mallory. Madison was born in August of 2019. She is a firecracker! She dances to the beat of her own drum, figuratively and literally (she doesn’t need music, she can dance to white noise, this girl). Some would call her “high needs” which could also translate to the more familiar phrase “high maintenance”. Reading about high needs babies was very helpful to me. She is growing more independent every day and dazzling my husband Matt and me all the time. Mallory was born in June of 2021. She was a very “chill” newborn who hardly cried, slept well but still fed often. Now she has found her voice but is still overall a pretty cheerful girl. We fall more in love with both our girls every day.

I live in Cambridge, Ontario with my husband and our daughters, as well as our dog Bentley and our cat Alfie (AKA “the boys”). I lived in Toronto when I met Matt on vacation in Cuba and he was working just outside the city. I feel so fortunate that we found each other and for the wonderful family and life we have built.

I’d like to say I’m an optimist. Maybe I’m a realist but with some optimistic tendencies. I wouldn’t say I was always like that. I think in my teens I had a lot more pessimism going on. Does everyone? The more life I live though the more I find that pessimism is a waste of my thoughts and energy. It’s so heavy! And it’s not all there is. So the more I can focus on the positive the better I feel and operate. Life is so much easier when I’m looking up instead of down.

I think I’m practical too. I weigh my pros and cons like the next guy. It’s good to be realistic. But what gets me up in the morning? The idea that today is going to be a good day, or an important day, or at least a better day than yesterday. I hope by reading my blog you’ll feel some of that too, if you don’t already.

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